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Mid Valley Alumni

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

5:13PM - RIP ACS

Because there should be some record of it here in this community and it's already been said so lovely here

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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

10:33PM - Proud to be from Nepa!


Cause you're proud to be from Nepa, no matter what anyone says.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

9:51PM - Update and Scranton Light Bulb Jokes.

And it sucks that we don't update here but maybe that's because it's just us. Let's face it, MV is a pretty damn small school. A "big" senior class is like 150 students. Plus, for whatever reason the no one else has seemed to want to join us and crack jokes about going to MV. (And c'mon, MV alum make the best MV jokes).

I present now for your entertainment pleasure, Scranton Area High School light bulb jokes.

Q. How many Scranton Prep students does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. Two - one to call the butler to do it and another to loudly whine about how hard life is between lines of coke

Q. How many West Scranton High students does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. Four - one to change the bulb, and three to make west side gestures at him while he does it.

Q. How many Valley View High students does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. Twenty - two to stare helplessly at the bulb and will it to work and sixteen slutty VV cheerleaders to "cheer" the old bulb into working, and four in-bred football players to go drive around the Mid Valley and brag about how Archbald finally got electricity.

Q. How many Dunmore High students does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. Well, they have one person paid to do that... and "fifty volunteers" who never show up.

Q. How many Mid Valley High students does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. Twelve - one person to actually change the bulb while complaining about how crappy stuff like this always happens at MV, two kids from Throop to provide the radioactive glow to see to change the bulb in the dark, six to go beat up some kids from VV for making the light go out (they're responsible somehow) and four more to get the keg set up in the woods to celebrate

Q. How many Carbondale Area students does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. None - Carbondale looks better by the glow of the mine fires anyway

Q. How many Bishop Hannan students does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. Five - and they were all recruited heavily for just this purpose.

Q. How many Bishop O'Hara students does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. Five girls to hem their uniform skirts really short and they'll find someone to do it for them

Q. How many Abington Heights students does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. Six - one to point out that the light bulbs here are just as nice as the ones at Prep, one to grumble about how Preppies never have to change their own bulbs, one to call their parents and whine, one to actually change the bulb and one to point out that it doesn't matter if it's out anyway because the teachers are on strike... again.

Q. How many Old Forge students does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. None - everyone's too busy eating pizza to realize the bulb went out

Q. How many Riverside students does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. Three - one to change the bulb, one to remind the rest of the Scranton schools that they actually exist, and another to provide a detailed map of where Riverside actually is. (It's Taylor right?)

Q. How many Scranton High students does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. Four - one to hold the bulb, two to spin him around, and one to call 911 when they all get shot by a bunch of scumbags in the Hill Section... or South Side.

So yeah, something random I wrote. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Saturday, September 11, 2004


we beat valley view!! HOLY SHIT!!!

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12:20AM - MV beat VV? At FOOTBALL?

Did you guys see the news? Mid Valley beat Valley View at football. And by a decent amount too.

Quick, someone check the temperature of hell.

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Friday, July 2, 2004


R.I.P - Matt Borrelli 1980-2004

MV Class of '98

Anyone know what happened? Was he sick or something? I'm so horribly out of the MV loop these days...

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

2:00AM - We're Such Slackers

We're such slackers, we never actually write here.

Maybe I should change the designation to be "The laziest people to ever come out of Nepa"? Hee.

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Sunday, May 9, 2004


I feel the need to post here because we never post here.

We're a bunch of MV slackers, that we are.

Someone wanna write my bio paper for me? Please?

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Friday, March 12, 2004


felt the need to post cuz i keep seeing people that i graduated with....sometimes i miss mv....and other times i'm just happy i got the hell out of there....have a nice day!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004


a mid valley community. what fun!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

7:30AM - You Know You Went to MV When...

- You fondly recall pierogi day in the caf
- Your sports teams (almost always) sucked
- You didn't care if your team lost the game, you and your buddies would beat up the opposing school's fans in the parking lot anyway
- You know what the "Fern Hill Boys" are
- You and your friends used to hang out at the bridge
- You know which bridge is 'The Bridge'
- You know what the Triboro consists of
- You've ever been to "Rock n'Bowl"
- You used to hang out at Luigi's
- You know the correct way to pronounce Throop
- You went to school with the same kids from kindergarten to graduation
- You know that it's actually "Mid Valley Secondary Center"
- As an upperclassman, you absolutely detested the 7th graders
- You've ever been to a dance at St. Mary's "because they'll let anyone in"
- You lived for MV dances on the weekend when you were in 7th and 8th grade
- You know what "ACS 27" means
- You STILL hate Valley View
- Blue and white give you fond memories to this day
- You could never actually sing the alma mater (even when they made you sing it for graduation)
- You know that the alma mater speeded up was actually the fight song
- You LIVED for Spirit Week
- Even though you knew it was rigged every year
- You went on a senior class trip to Disney
- You went on a 6th grade class trip to Hershey
- You used to find ways to sneak out of the student parking lot before the buses at the end of the day
- You knew how to skip class and not get caught in the secondary center (even when you ran into teachers)
- You made something ugly in shop, like a clock
- You made an even uglier pillow in home ec
- You knew the principal was really a joke
- You knew the school board was ridiculously paranoid about the "security" measures they kept putting in
- The yearbook room was in a different location every year.
- You knew if you just walked slowly around the gym during gym class that you'd get credit for it.
- You took at least one of the following as an elective - anatomy, advanced physical science, genetics, advanced chemistry, or astronomy.
- You've ever wondered why MV doesn't have a pool but yet has a planetarium
- You adore Mr. Luke
- You HATED physics and still have nightmares about Granville's
- You wanted to graduate on the football field
- You knew that the guidance counselors were a joke.
- You were told to "go work in Vegas" instead of go to college at some point by Mr. Towers (or your friends were)
- You know what PJAS means and did an experiment for it at some point (extra points if you went to states)
- You know what and where the pond was
- You wanted to have a pep rally because you knew it meant no class
- You ever went to school in face paint, a toga, army gear, your pajamas, etc.
- You knew how to open the "upper locker"
- You knew that no one ever ever used the showers in the locker room
- If you got out of the building without getting caught you knew the woods meant you were home free when you skipped school
- You went to school in an industrial park
- You loved the Volleyball tournament and always tried to see how dirty of a shirt you could get
- You frequently talked about how much you hated MV, but the minute someone from another school gave it the slightest diss, you went after them
- You know why kids from Throop glow in the dark
- Your senior class had less than 200 students. (Bonus points if it was less than 100).
- You had to put on some sort of dippy play/musical in elementary school. (Bonus points if your class put on two during your time there).
- You can complete the following "We are..."
- You still think you're better than the kids from VV
- You know where the "kiddie corner" is in MVSC
- You gave or listened to class election speeches in the auditorium
- You were scared of the senior hallway as an underclassman
- You thought you were awesome when you got a locker upstairs (also because they were prettier than the ugly orange ones on the first floor)
- You know all the words to "Piano Man"
- You wanted it as your class song
- You still believe Mr. K is crazy
- But you secretly loved how he started singing during math class
- At some point during your MV career you saw/used a computer that was older than you were
- Your senior class spray painted the parking lot
- Or vandalized the school
- It always seemed that MVSC had a new principal
- You know what the spirit stick is
- 3rd lunch was sooooooo late
- When signed a log sheet when you wanted to go to the bathroom (or you had a really stupid pink hallpass)
- You decorated your hallpass out of boredom
- Your neighbors used to hide when you rang their bell because you were always doing some sort of fundraiser (especially senior year)
- You actually had your own space in the student lot - it was assigned to you
- You fondly recall PTA sponsored Christmas parties
- Girls: You actually put blue and white streamers in your hair for school (even though you weren't a cheerleader)
- You had a class with Madame/Senora Adams
- Going to the nurse was a valid reason to get out of class - even if you weren't sick
- Getting the nurse to believe you didn't need to be in class was another story entirely
- You read something really stupid in 7th and/or 8th grade reading class.
- You know what a "cycle" is
- You listened to the announcements over the PA system every morning
- You always thought Mr. Dempsey was the coolest history teacher ever
- You couldn't pass by the upstairs bathrooms without smelling cigarette smoke or sometimes, pot
- You thought the school was "so big" in 7th grade
- You liked taking art because even if you sucked you'd get an A as long as you were quiet
- You know that in MV grading "99" is perfect
- Unless you took an honors class
- Honors were never good enough, you had to get high honors
- Most of the books in the library were MUCH older than you
- Chem lab taught you how to make explosives
- You knew that you never did any actual work in advanced chem
- Your school was always getting bad press
- Kids from other schools were actually afraid of you (usually with good reason)
- You're incredibly white but liked to pretend you were a gansta/rapper
- You've gone to the FBLA regional conference (just to get out of school, of course). Bonus points if you made it to states
- You knew to NEVER sit on the edge of the benches in the caf
- You knew what your "skip day" was and always skipped on that day every year - regardless of all the warnings the administration gave
- You had a class ring ceremony and know what "turning and locking" your class ring meant
- You never really understand why the freshman class had officers when they didn't get to actually DO anything
- You laughed at the kids that went to vo-tech, even though they probably make more than you do now
- You refuse to eat at Wendy's in Dunmore, because you know what happened there and it creeps you out
- You're of Polish, Italian, Irish, German or Russian decent
- Girls: You searched frantically for a white dress and shoes to go with your gown for graduation
- At one point you hid in one of the lockers in the team locker room
- You fondly recall Driver's Ed and getting out of class to go drive once you got your permit
- You also fondly recall getting excused from class to go take your driver's exam
- You went on a field trip to the prison
- You swore you'd get as far away from the Triboro as possible the minute you graduated
- You lived for snow days
- And snow delays
- And early cancellations
- You'd rather eat glass than go in the Lackawanna river
- You know the true meaning of "partying in the woods"
- You learned to run from cops at an early age
- Even if you never did them, you know at least one person you could have bought drugs off of in high school
- You used to go to the football games on Friday night because there was nothing else to do
- No matter how good your football team was they NEVER won the homecoming game
- It seemed like you always ran into someone you knew at the Burger King in Dickson
- D.C. means Dickson City, not Washington
- You've been to a cow flop
- You've also been to the street fair in downtown Olyphant
- You know what people do at Crystal Park
- You give people directions based on the anchor
- You know where the anchor is
- Every business in your hometown seemed to have a "Luv Ya Spartans" sign in the window
- And your downtown was decorated with blue and white ribbons during football season
- If one of your sports team made the playoffs, you took along at least one bus of fans (even though your school only had 800 students total)
- You know what a "pasta party" is
- You've been to a bonfire
- You knew where all the football players lived by the huge banners on their houses
- You knew that when you hit senior year, there really were no actual rules that applied to you
- If you actually got in trouble, you'd take any punishment but "in school"
- You know what the "little school" is
- You knew if you wanted candy all you had to do was find a senior
- You had at least one prom or semi at Gennetti's
- To this day, you know where everything in the Viewmont Mall is
- You LIVED at the Viewmont Mall when you were younger
- You had at least one field trip that was really really lame in elementary school - like the time you went to the post office
- The social event of the year in 4th-6th was the Valentine's dance
- You were too cool for dances once you hit 9th grade
- Forget the drama club, the spirit week talent show was the best theatrical event of the year
- You can't stand the colors blue and yellow together
- You know what "Penn State Throop" is
- No matter WHERE in the triboro your house was, you needed to drive or get a ride everywhere you went
- At some point you took the bus to school
- You know what entrance at MVSC is the student entrance
- Even though you went there, you were never really sure if it was Mid Valley or Mid-Valley
- You bought the yearbook every year from freshman year on because it was only $10 or $20
- You wished you could get your senior yearbook picture taken ANYWHERE but Prestwood
- Your math teacher took your prom photos
- No matter what year you graduated you had "Open Arms" as a semi or prom theme
- You got roses or balloons delivered to you in class at least once for Valentine's Day
- You went on the Spanish trip just so you could go to Chi Chi's for fried ice cream
- You know the difference between Class Day, Class Night and Awards Night
- You know at least one person who was a "poseur"
- If you knew an exchange student, you corrupted him/her
- You could never grasp the rampant stupidity you saw at MV - from the administration and school board.
- You knew everyone you went to school with and couldn't understand how people at other public schools didn't
- You went camping after one of your proms or semis (or knew people who did)
- You knew at least one person who went deer hunting
- You know all the speed traps on Rt. 6 and 81
- You knew that even though your district was the size of a postage stamp that certain neighborhoods were more cooler (Fern Hill, most of Dickson) than others (Lower Throop)
- You've cut school (legally or not) to go to lunch with your friends at the Pizza Hut or any Chinese buffet
- No matter what year you graduated, you had at least one person go to each of the following schools - Bloom, Marywood, Penn State, Penn State Throop, and the U
- You knew for a wild time, you could always drive out to Bloom to party
- You know what the "Mid Valley Seven" is
- You always went more than the limit on Underwood Rd., particularly if you were running late
- You've mocked every other school in the area, particularly to the face of the students there
- You were convinced for a time (no matter how brief) that all the guys at Prep were truly "queer" because you used to sing the song about it.
- Double periods sucked, especially if they were of physics
- You were proud your school initals weren't BO, in fact, that's why you never went to Bishop O'Hara
- You were involved in some sort of school activity - usually several
- You really only joined half the clubs you did so you could get out of class for meetings
- You knew the difference between the North halls and the South halls
- You LIVED for 2:57 pm
- You always ignored first bell
- You were more likely to be in trouble for being five minutes late to school than for anything you actually DID while you were there
- You used to hang out at Denny's or Perkins forever (or if you still live here you still do)
- Your most common complaint growing up? "There's nothing to DO here"

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6:19AM - Welcome (Back) to Mid Valley!

Okay, I was bored, and sleep deprived as usual and I figured that there's a bunch of us on here somewhere from good ol' MV and since we don't have a community here, I started one for us.

Rules are simple, be a student from Mid Valley High school (though this is primarily geared at alums)

That's it.

Wow, complicated huh?

Oh, and I'm not going to check whether you went to MV or not when you join, cause contrary to popular belief, I have a life.

Anyway, feel free to remember, rant and recall all the days of MV. (Also you might want to shout out your class year at first if you're new.)

S'all good.

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